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Namlab Lazy people is a lab without a name, but with some clearly defined purposes that aims to:

  • design interfaces optimized for a better user experience, using existing tools, concepts and environments
  • develop paradigm-shifting concepts and prototypes of user interfaces

In the long run, the lab can:

  • offer consulting services to businesses (the focus is on software development companies and hardware companies, but it is not limited to them. Any other company that creates products for humans, ex: clothes, shoes, etc can also benefit from our experience)
  • devise and patent new UI concepts that can be used in various products
  • develop and maintain our own software products


The lab is a part of Dekart (a software company focused on IT security), which hosts and sponsors everything related to the lab. Dekart is also:

  • a primary source of ideas discussed in the lab
  • a primary source of challenges the lab handles [and develops solutions for]
  • a primary test-ground of the proposed solutions

Modus operandi

The lab is a part-time effort, there is no need to be there all the time. Meetings will be held at regular intervals, they will usually be:

  • Discussion points about specific topics (ex: how human memory works, the best way of answering a question graphically, how to optimize the process of paying for groceries in a store, how to eliminate cheating in the public transport system, etc)
  • Prototyping potential solutions on a whiteboard or with pieces of paper
  • Prototype programming - implementing proposed solutions using various frameworks and comparing the results
  • Civilian testing - observing how innocent civilians use the prototypes
  • Civilian interviewing - obtain feedback by interviewing people and understanding their point of view

Of course, the methods are not limited to the list above, adjustments will be made depending on the circumstances.

Looking for talents

At the moment, the team can be joined by anyone who wants to join. Preference will be given to people with the following backgrounds:

  • psychology
  • neuroscience
  • arts of any flavour (drawing, music, poetry, dancing, etc)
  • experience with widget toolkits (such as Qt, GTK, etc)
  • anything else that you think will add value to the lab

Note that formal education in these areas is not a requirement, a hobby-level interest is sufficient.

Should I join?

Everything going on in the lab is first and foremost fun, so if you are someone who cannot do things unless some laughter and joking is involved - you should join.

If this is not convincing, joining the lab is a good idea if:

  • you are interested in how the human psyche works, how people learn, how people forget, how people understand
  • you witness on a daily basis how people struggle with user interfaces (admit it, your mom always asks you how to disable T9 when writing an SMS, doesn't she?) and you want to do something about it
  • you like experimenting with new concepts in visualizing information
  • you learned how to use a graphical framework and you are looking forward to putting your skills to use
  • you are fed up with the interfaces that are pretty, but completely unusable
  • you are fed up with the interfaces that are usable, but not aesthetically pleasing
  • you want to develop ways in which technology will help people with disabilities smoothly integrate into society
  • you want to make the society better by automating or improving various processes using technology

Why should I join?

  • Meet and interact with people who have the same interests
  • Gain experience
  • Get involved in real world software projects by contributing to the UX aspects of Dekart software; our user base is a source of test subjects
  • Obtain interesting and useful literature related to the field
  • Integrate into Dekart and obtain first-hand experience in what it feels like to write and sell software for a living

Plans for the future:

  • Attend international conferences related to HCI, UX and GUIs
  • Host and organize such events in Moldova
  • Create a course focused on HCI, make it a part of the curriculum of one of the universities of Moldova, provide the brains needed to keep it running
  • Rely on the graduates of the course to grow in strength and obtain full control of the Milky Way galaxy