UI stress test checklist

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The following checklist can be used to verify how well a prototype deals with a series of edge cases that aren't that 'edgy'.


  • Custom DPI settings
    • high, 125 dpi
    • insanely high, above 160 dpi
  • Accessibility
    • Use a screen reader
  • Custom themes (explanation)
  • Navigation
    • Keyboard-only
      • Tab order
  • Mouse-only
  • Layouts and window resizing
  • Minimal window size
    • test on a netbook with 1024x600
  • Right-to-left vs left-to-write locales of the OS
  • Images, vectors vs rasters (see how icons look like at different DPI settings)
  • Run on different versions of Windows
  • Run the program with mangled UI strings and see whether people can figure out how to use the software

Rare stuff

Platform specific

  • Test the HIG-compliance of the program for the given environment.

Windows 7

  • Use the Taskbar API when appropriate
    • progress bars (as in Internet Explorer and many others)
    • jump lists (as in Word)
    • preview window (as in Opera, Internet Explorer)
    • custom controls (as in VMWare player, Windows media player, etc)