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This is an index of projects written by some of my students, the order is "off the top of my head".

Finished products

  • Tuzov Pavel
    • The person behind the online synchronization features of SIM Manager
      • Google contacts
      • Yahoo! contacts
      • Facebook


  • Panin Alexei
    • Author of the first prototype of Webtentacle - a system that collects emails and phone numbers by crawling web-sites.

Requirements for being listed

Please get in touch with me if you wish to be mentioned here. If you have a personal site - I will link to it.

  • you have to be one of my students :-)
  • the project has to be polished (usable products with a complete feature set)
  • there has to be some sort of an interface with the public (that secret project NASA hired you for is awesome, but if we can't see it - it didn't happen)
    • articles should be posted on sites that others can read, or printed in books available to mere mortals
    • software has to be downloadable
    • if your work is a library used by commercial software - the product itself must be available to the public (ex: as a trial version)

Projects other than software or articles can be submitted as well (video tutorials, illustrated guides, etc) - as long as they are somehow related to our field of study. New sections for "Ongoing research" and "Pet projects" will be created, if necessary.