Installing programs on Windows

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Golden rules

  • Store your stuff in the right place:
    • system data and programs on disk C:
    • all your user data (music, movies, photos, secret recipes, etc) on disk D:
  • Install all your programs to C:\Program Files\<Program name>
  • Note that most vendors propose directory names such as "C:\Program Files\<Company name>\<Program name>\<Program version>" - they are longer but not necessarily more useful or helpful, have no mercy when simplifying them.
  • Keep the program installers in a separate location (be aware of the fact that the program's installer is not the same thing as the installed program itself)


  • Some programs "just work" (usually they are called "portable programs"), it means that you don't need to install them - you can simply download the EXE and run it; or you can download a ZIP archive, unzip it and then run the EXE. An example is uTorrent - it is so small that having a separate installer for it would be a waste of space.