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General policies



  • Don't skip class
  • Don't be late

In class

  • Turn off your phone's sound
  • Feel free to ask any questions when something is not understood
  • Be prepared to answer challenge questions, especially if the reply to "got any questions?" was "no"
  • Find the bug - sometimes I will deliberately provide some false information during a lesson; you will get a bonus if you spot it and report it

The write right rite



A course focused on IT security and communication protocols


The design of information systems

  • PSI course curriculum (2010-2011)
  • List of PSI labs (2009, 2010) - this is a general list of assignments, in different years the list is extended, and a different subset of assignments is used.


A course about information security, and nothing else.

Project ideas

In cases of emergency use this


  • Simple server that sends a text-based response and breaks the connection
  • Wake on LAN tool
  • Filtering multi-threaded HTTP proxy with logging capabilities
  • Using a network sniffer to understand how messages move between layers
  • Reverse engineering an existing chat application and overriding its "private message" option; writing a compatible client that uses encryption
  • Simple IP packet sniffer
  • HTTP downloader with resume support
  • Write a little game with multiplayer mode via network
  • Streaming audio server,


Other stuff